Riverwalk San Antonio- Like Riverdance but less Irish

What do I say about San Antonio? It’s like a much prettier El Paso, with clearer air and definitely more water. I hadn’t been to the Riverwalk since I was a kid, so it was like seeing it all for the first time again. The guy turned 30 this month, so we went down to celebrate a little and spend some time together. He’s been working too hard and I’ve been…well, I’ve been working hard too.

We wandered around, looked at the fake Alamo- did you know they rebuilt it after it was destroyed, it’s not even the real thing! I felt kind of gypped, but I’ve never been a history museum type of person. I’ll walk right by to go listen to some music or check out art, but Texas history just doesn’t do much for me. Yep, Mexicans, yep, Texas Rangers, cowboys and Indians. And what’s-his-face Davy Crockett was found hiding under a bed I heard…which is why I tend to discredit stories from history that were written by the forces left in power- which happens to be a large part of them. The grounds are beautiful, and the shady trees and landscaping hide the fact that you’re right in the middle of downtown surrounded by tons of tourists.

Nathan is pissed that it's fake too Nathan is pissed that it’s fake too 

We were in town on a Dallas Cowboys training weekend, so there were lots of people lined up for hours in the hot sun hoping to catch a glimpse of the big guys. I was not one of them, but it would have been cool. I am a long-time Dallas fan, even though I’m just barely becoming a fan of the actual state of Texas. I guess I always had a thing for cowboys as a girl…Instead I watched them from our 28-th floor Marriott room.

No don't look at the ghost in the window No don’t look at the ghost in the window 

We did the couple thing, wandered in circles around the waterways and watching the flatboat tours and held hands for a few minutes (too sweaty ick). I wanted to tell the tourists in the boat could walk the whole thing faster and that we’d probably beat them to the end of the tour but people don’t walk these days anyway. That’s called exercising.

No trolls under there. Only on top. No trolls under there. Only on top. 


Nathan's "leaning on the rail" pose Nathan’s “leaning on the rail” pose 

We ate, we drank. It was good. It felt like we were traveling, and that was good enough. Economy, blah blah, staycation, blah. We’re broke, and weekend excursions are gonna have to cut it for a while. Until we buy our Airstream and hit the road like old times. I’m thinking that isn’t too far away.

I'm flying away I’m flying away 
Riverwalk at night Riverwalk at night 

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