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Alien landscape

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but slowly these strange monstrous trees and other flora are taking over your cities. On my most recent crosscountry roadtrip, these things stood out for me more so than ever before. I’m not sure it that’s because there are more of them, which is undoubtedly true- do you know any kid in high school without a cell phone these days?? I even know some 8 year olds and younger with their own.

That tree must have had a lot of water...

First of all, I wonder who plans these things? This beautiful evergreen was right in the middle of the driest desert in Arizona…. while this palm tree was somewhere in Nevada…

The palm with metal fronds. Wonder if you get metal coconuts?

I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of this one, so I stole it from the website of the company who made it…can you believe the size of this thing? 35 feet!

35' foot of cactus! Those arms defy gravity

I can just imagine a few decades into the future- forests of metal trees! Massive goldenrods in parking lots! Gargantuan dandelions! All transmitting our social networking sites directly to the cube behind your ear..