Free stuff in Austin- Blues in the park!

One thing Austin loves better than anything is free shit. KGSR Radio  has been doing free concerts throughout the summer, every other Wednesday. There’s one more concert left, this coming Wednsday- if you’re around, head over to Waterloo Park and take a blanket and a cooler. Last Wednesday I got to check out an Austin Legend for the first time- Miss Carolyn Wonderland.  This scarlet-headed girl can play some amazing guitar and has the voice of a soulful black woman…I’d heard about her not long after making it to Texas so was stoked to check her out for free, surrounded by people of all kinds.

She arrived in the Live Music Capital and lived here homeless for a while, barely scraping by. I’m glad to see her doing so well. I have nothing but respect for those who pull themselves up all on their own and don’t bitch about having a future all laid out for them. The Austin Chronicle wrote a good profile of her here. Check her out, it’s a story worth hearing.


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