High-tech luxuries for the travelin’ folks

One of the best parts of a road trip is the music. Music sets the mood, helps you focus, or just lets you let loose and sing at the top of your lungs in the comfort of the inside of your own car. That’s why I invested a few years ago in satellite radio. No commercials, reception all over the the U.S…it’s a godsend and I never listen to regular radio anymore. I was disappointed when XM and Sirius merged, and I worry about the future of satellite…especially with the advent of broadband everywhere and iPhones that have internet radio apps…really I just don’t want to have to buy any new equipment any time soon. Plus, the bastards took away the free online subscription that I used to listen to all day at work! I’m not paying for that shit, so now I listen to free AOL radio all day.

For those XM users, the one problem occurs when you’re taking long trips and frequently move out of range of the available radio frequency. Hot tip: Before you leave, map out a few major cities that you’ll be near and find out their free FM radio stations…this site is very helpful.  http://www.radio-locator.com/

Of course, mobile broadband is the answer for roving techies.  When I hit the road semi-permanently, someday soon, that’s first on my list. Unless by then we can just beam the internet directly into our skulls, which will be much easier. I wish they’d hurry up with that.


One response to “High-tech luxuries for the travelin’ folks

  1. Good tips. Music is definately one of the most important parts of traveling. When you listen to that song again, you remember all that you encountered on your travels. 🙂

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