Blogging is weird

I’m such a private person, as much as I like attention. It’s strange to post private thoughts where everyone can read them- and I’m still getting used to it. I’ve journaled since I can remember- I have one going back to about 8 years old. But a simple blog, out there in the world, is a little scary. I have to think carefully about what I’m sharing, and who might see it. I hope anyone who reads this bears with me as I learn how to open up online…

That’s why it’s always been poetry and fiction. If you read about my real, crazy life…man, I don’t want to end up in jail. ;P


2 responses to “Blogging is weird

  1. I still have all the letters and postcards you sent to me when we were kids….i always LOVED writing to you. I love that you have a blog, i will enjoy reading your everyday thoughts

    • How funny- I still have all of yours too. They’re in a box all tied together. 🙂 I should go back through them, there were always good memories. It was important for me to have someone to connect with no matter where we were! Thanks so much for being there 🙂

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